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RC Life Design Studio provides superlative eco-positive interior creations for luxury home and commercial spaces.

Robert Craymer LifeRobert Craymer – more than a furniture designer, manufacturer, living space designer and retailer has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows such as HGTV, The New York Times and Town & Country, for his super sleek, elegant, functional designs. Craymer is a partner and figurehead of Robert Craymer Life. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Robert has been in the business of making, designing and selling furniture for more than 25 years.

Over 20 years ago, following a period of extensive research, Robert realized that his past practices had ignored a sense of responsibility for the environment. The discoveries he uncovered gave him a new found respect and appreciation for the benefits of going ‘all-green’. Leading by example, Craymer turned his own world upside down and instantaneously set about transforming his existing workspaces. He pledged and worked to adhere to the all-green method, eliminating off-gassing, poisons, toxins and replacing these with all natural and environmentally conscious materials.

His original company, RC green has been referred to as America’s first one-stop furniture shop that will design, manufacture and retail an organic and all natural “Eco” line of furnishings. Robert is eager and willing to contribute and participate in the global fight to clean up the world and turn it “green” in the best way he knows how: by using his wide ranging expertise and knowledge in the area of manufacturing and living space design.

The market response to Robert Craymer’s designs has been remarkable and the company has grown exponentially. Craymer has been commissioned to exclusively design the VIP rooms for the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Sundance Film Festival. He was also asked to bring his green designs to LIVE-EARTH, a world-wide event where only a few people were invited to have their message heard. Furthermore, Robert launched a line of all sustainable poker tables, which was featured in the World Wide Poker Tournament.

Robert Craymer’s vision does not stop here. As he introduces “Robert Craymer Life”, Robert has reconnected with the original excitement that he felt over 25 years ago when he opened his first shop on La Brea in Los Angeles, with just $300 in his bank account and an offer of 15 days free rent.

Robert Craymer is committed to bringing to the public a completely eco-positive, green, sustainable and organic way of living.